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Legalize Tiny by working together!

Have you heard? We’re on a mission to create more options for legally living tiny in Los Angeles, California, and beyond! Good things are work that we’d like to share them with  you. We’d LOVE for you to take a quick moment of action and help make change!

The City of Los Angeles Planning Commission met last month to discuss movable tiny homes as legal back yard units.. Thank you to advocates who came out and commented in person,  and everyone else who wrote in! 

The Planning Commission decided to further study Movable Tiny Homes for Los Angeles, so there’s still time for you to express your support for this housing option in Los Angeles!  Send your emails to  

For more information, see the meeting agenda here. You can track the ordinance at THIS Council File <— be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the action!

On August 1st The City Planning Commission met to discuss a proposed Tiny House Ordinance which was almost shot down! Thankfully, a few Commissioners put their necks out for the ordinance and were able to turn the discussion around! You can check out the riveting discussion within this recording. The ordinance will go forward and be reviewed by the City Council on August 28th, 2018.
Find details on the meeting here.
You can read the admin report on tiny homes that was sent by community development here.

The City Planning Commission has reviewed language for Movable Tiny Houses! Next step is for the language to be approved by City Council on August 21st 2018. Find more about this meeting here.

The County will be including tiny houses as a topic of interest to a presentation for their Board of County Supervisors happening this month.

Staff preparing amendments that planning commission will hear on August 29th 2018,

Community Development  staff will be hosting a tiny house design charrette (workshop) for city staff, planners, engineers, architects, building officials, social services, etc. tomorrow August 10th! Follow up with your elected officials with your thoughts on tiny homes!

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