Tiny Migrations
Meet Bela. Actually, just learn all about her and her family on her website. Bela is a co-worker of mine, although we don’t actually work together in our day-to-day life. Her website features a lot of personal tiny house content, as well as other resources that are very useful.

Latch Collective
Although our website focuses on the Bay Area, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to promote the Bay Area’s twin city of LA with a very proactive tiny house group. Teresa Baker and Shaina Thompson are the founders. If you are in the LA area or are planning on living in the LA area, definitely check out the website for all the resources you could need. Join the Latch Collective and get to building!

PAD Tiny Houses
Founded by tiny house icon Dee Williams, PAD’s ebooks, construction plans and in-person education teaches do-it-yourselfers to create homes that support the lives they want to live.

Tiny Home Builders Tiny House Marketplace
Your source for buying and selling your tiny house.

Tiny House Basics
Tiny House Basics is the nations top provider of custom tiny house trailers ranging from 10-foot to 50-foot in length.

Tiny House Community – Basic Guidelines for THOW
We have gathered and created some guidelines to provide a pathway for owners looking to create a permanent residence for a Tiny House On Wheels (THOW). We will guide you through the process of documenting the construction, demonstrating that it meets specific standards, and is intended for use as a permanent residence.

Tiny House Expedition
Creators, tiny dwellers + community educators – a traveling tiny house project.

Tiny House Listings
Search unique tiny homes for sale and rent throughout the world.

Tiny Homes Listings
Connecting tiny house enthusiasts, craftsmen, and businesses who support the small movement.

Tiny Life Wiki
A guide to living affordably off the grid.

Try It Tiny
Experience tiny house living your way. Try It Tiny and rent a tiny house. Own one? Find places to park it nationwide.

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