Tiny House Costs

There are all kinds of debates on the subject of the costs of a tiny house and the additional money savings / money costs. Personally, I feel it is all subjective. The ~85% of people in America who will never live in a tiny house will debate the value of a tiny house and not understand that there is more to costs than the actual costs. For those people, it is not worth debating. For the people who understand tiny houses in all their forms, this article is pretty helpful.

TinyFest at the Santa Clara Fairgrounds!

I attended this excellent event last weekend in Santa Clara, having never attending ANY tiny house event of any kind. I was amazed at how many people were there and how many tiny houses were there. There were all kinds – THOWs, containers, buses, vans, and even a few things in between! I heard some promising information about THOWs looking to be on the plate to become legal, but I won’t say anymore than that until I have more concrete information.

Here was my favorite one. I would love to live in a container home painted black and is simple like this, but black would make it too hot in this almost constant sun bearing state.

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