Occupants of Tiny Homes Community in Alameda Face Evictions

This news story is rather frustrating; here is another frustrating example. Although I side with the individuals living in a tiny house community, or in this case, shipping containers, what frustrates me is that it is these kinds of news stories that make it MORE difficult for tiny house owners to get approvals to live in tiny houses.

This website was created to put all the necessary resources needed to be able to understand what the laws and zoning codes require of tiny house owners, or at least, to reach out to government officials to further discussions and relations for tiny house owners. Tiny house owners already have an uphill battle persuading government officials to revise zoning laws; situations like these are unwelcome. I urge anyone owning a tiny house of any variant to PLEASE ensure you are following the laws and codes.

Santa Cruz 2-Day Workshop

Have you considered building a tiny house, an ADU or a “granny unit”? Perhaps you’ve wondered what exactly the difference is between those three, and what the positives and negatives might be for each? Do you have questions about design concepts for small spaces? Do you want to scale down your life and are thinking about a smaller, energy efficient living space that is “net-zero”? This workshop will help demystify and untangle some of the concepts and give you real tools to move forward.

During this comprehensive 2-day workshop students will hear from professionals in the fields of green building and energy efficiency, residential design and construction, computer aided design software, and Santa Cruz county building codes.

Register at Carrillo College for this workshop.

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