Almost two decades ago, I embarked on becoming a minimalist in living. Having moved so many times in my life, I was slowly discovering that caring so much about stuff and always having to lug it around, buy new stuff for the new place, only to get rid of old stuff became tedious and wasteful. I decided to sell all my furnishings, only keeping my metal futon, mini fridge and my laptop. It was a liberating experience – I loved how it felt.

Then I got married and went back to buying all that was needed for the house, not saving any money for the first year. Eventually, we were situated, but about four or five years later, discovered we were only home about thirty percent of the time. It felt like we were living in a glorified storage unit to store our stuff we barely use or see. This replicates an approach I take with hotels – if you are going to be busy running around all day for days on end and only sleep / shower in the hotel, get a cheap room. If you are going to be practically living in the hotel room and not doing any running around, get a nice room. It’s absurd to me to spend a huge amount of money on a nice room, only to sleep and shower in it. Will you really use all the amenities of the room / hotel? After realizing we were using such a small portion of the house we were renting, we once again, sold everything and moved in with family – a temporary situation that didn’t arise due to not being able to afford rent, rather a lifestyle choice made for a better quality life. What did this do for us? We were able to shift the money spent on rent to things that mattered, which leads to the next part.

I first learned of tiny houses many years ago and remember that when I first learned of a tiny house, it was a pretty cool concept, like a tree house on wheels. Occasionally, I would read a news story or sometimes I would search for a tiny house on YouTube. Eventually, I binged watched van living on YouTube for awhile, also watching other videos of different kinds of tiny living. A year ago, I met up with a friend for some beer and I brought up the tiny house subject. Then, in one fateful weekend, a buddy invited me over to his “new place”, only for me to discover, he just bought a tiny house! The weekend after that, I brought my family to his tiny house so they could get a true feeling of what it was physically like to be in a tiny house. Now, tiny house living has become ingrained in our every day thought and talk, so much so, we decided we really wanted to capture all the information we are digging into in order to get a tiny house – specifically for the San Francisco Bay Area.

At this point – March 2018 – we do not have a tiny house yet. This website is a reflection of the “process” of working through all the information in order to reach the point of owning a tiny house. Unlike a regular house, tiny house living requires a lot of leg work and it is a process we want to share, both personally and technically. We hope this website will prove to be useful for you and your journey!

Contact: info AT bayareatinyhome DOT com

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