Latch Collective in LA!

Although our website focuses on the Bay Area, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to promote the Bay Area’s twin city of LA with a very proactive tiny house group called Latch Collective. Teresa Baker and Shaina Thompson are the founders. If you are in the LA area or are planning on living in the LA area, definitely check out the website for all the resources you could need. Join the Latch Collective and get to building!

Tiny Migrations

Meet Bela. Actually, just learn all about her and her family on her website. Bela is a co-worker of mine, although we don’t actually work together in our day-to-day life. Her website features a lot of personal tiny house content, as well as other resources that are very useful.

Tiny House Costs

There are all kinds of debates on the subject of the costs of a tiny house and the additional money savings / money costs. Personally, I feel it is all subjective. The ~85% of people in America who will never live in a tiny house will debate the value of a tiny house and not understand that there is more to costs than the actual costs. For those people, it is not worth debating. For the people who understand tiny houses in all their forms, this article is pretty helpful.

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